#minimalism – uslions1721

s e l a h • “I stand here today at the very edge of this cliff and of myself, with my hands full of courage and I let go, because it will never be enough. I rejoice because you have chosen me. You have called me to be one of your own, and the mighty mustard seed of your beloved Kingdom grows within me as I stand on the very edge of this cliff, letting go. My roots are deepening faster in Your hand, as you place me from coast to coast teaching me to call You and You alone, home. I say yes to these new mountains that await for revival. I say yes to laying down my life for these unknown names that You have always called sons and daughters. O these Children of light, whom you keep calling back home.” – I wrote this on my last day at Roseberry Topping, a day after my baptism• I always write during the last flight to honor the season that I leave behind, and I always cry when I land to my final destination (wherever that may be), and after 4 airports, more than 15 hrs in the air and about to land in my hometown, all I could think of is Luke and his dog Stacy. I passed him by with only a few more coins left in my pocket, my favorite iced coffee in hand and a croissant for the trip. I passed him by, but my feet could not go any further because You kept calling him ‘one of Your own’. I turned back and I gave him everything I had, just like You did with me, Jesus• If I had to summarize what my time in England made very clear, would be the picture of ‘Jesus walking amongst men’. Eyes wide open, and hands ready to give it all. I don’t want to forget that this life is not my own, but theirs. My life belongs to those who need someone to walk an extra mile for them. I gave Luke everything I had and I listened to his story, and as I walked away I said: “God is taking care of me, you know? So that means that He is taking care of you too.” And it has never been more true, because this trip taught me that I must mourn the submission to death of my own will, and I must learn to “do it afraid” because Jesus’ mission is worth the cause. I called Luke ‘my brother’ and I called Him back to life even if He doesn’t understand, not because there’s any good in me, but because God is love

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