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I saw that a friend had received their @elfcosmetics Black Friday Sale purchase today, so I immediately got my boyfriend to check the mail (thanks, Graham 😅) and lo and behold, mine had arrived! –
I’m really excited to try out the skincare products in particular, as I’ve been so curious about them since they were launched by ELF. They’re wonderfully affordable, but will they also be wonderfully effective? (I mean I’m hoping they will be–and based on @gothamista ‘s trustworthy recommendations I’m sure at least a few will be!). The Jelly Highlighter swatches beautifully on the skin, and I’m looking forward to trying it with actual makeup on. I’m hoping it will be a dupe for the Farsali jelly 😉

This will (if all goes well) essentially be my last makeup purchase for 2018 AND 2019. It’s my goal for the new year to use up more of my beautiful collection of makeup–this means I’ll be doing my best not to purchase anything at all, other than to replace essentials like mascara and foundation once entirely out. I’m making an exception for my trip to Toronto in March as I’d like to book in at the @bitebeauty lipstick lab again, but that is my one non-necessity exception to this goal. I made a similar goal last year, but only made it until about April before failing and binging on makeup at Sephora and at work. We will see how 2019 goes!

Do you have any makeup or skincare goals for the new year? Are you looking to minimalize, or maximize? Learn a new technique? Try a new type of product?

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